Doctors are uneasy about diagnosing mental illness because

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aaa replica designer handbags Why is this seldom done then? As a doctor who is not a psychiatrist, I alluded to the reasons in my letter pain can be a problem of the mind (The Star, Oct 19). Doctors are uneasy about diagnosing mental illness because their training, at both undergraduate and post graduate levels, is skewed towards looking for signs to fit the symptoms and positive findings on investigations. aaa replica designer handbags

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Designer Fake Bags The Legislature pretty much killed the concept Monday. The Legislature has long been known to tinker with successful citizen initiated referendums, but it’s relatively rare to see one repealed outright. That’s not exactly what happened to the ranked choice voting measure, but it’s not far from reality either. The bill sent to Gov. Paul LePage during Monday’s special legislative session delays implementation of ranked choice voting until December 2021, but contains a provision to automatically repeal the law if the system isn’t brought into compliance with the Maine Constitution by then Designer Fake Bags.

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